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Saturday, 15th July 2023

from 2.30 pm

Mayfield Scout & Guide Hall

Refreshements provided by

Friends of Mayfield Primary School

Organised by

Mayfield Horticultural Society














                                  30th June 4pm     Deadline for ALL emailed photographs

                                                                                       including Virtual Show entries     

                                                 15th July           It’s Show Day

                                                 9am -11am                Entries to Scout & Guide Hall

                                                 From 11am                Judging

                                                 2.30 pm                    Show opens

                                                 2.30 pm                    Children's parade & judging

                                                 4.15 pm                     Presentations

                                                 4.30 pm                    Collect exhibits









Welcome to the 2023

Mayfield Show Schedule

What’s New?

As we are squeezing into the Scout and Guide Hall for this year, we have brought back the very popular virtual show, which we put on in 2020.  You will see details of this if you click here.  We hope something appeals to you and you will enter exhibits and photographs.

First though, a few important bits of information:

  • Each Show category is open to adults, there is a separate growing class for children and it is free to enter. (Donations can be made on the day).

  • Anyone who has previously won a cup in Category 2 (Flowers & Flower Arrangements) cannot enter the "Novice" (class 28, 32 & 45).

  • Please take a moment to read the hints and tips as they are quite useful!

  • Entry forms:


  • Rosetta will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and points for the Banksian Medal classes and Presidents Bowl. 

















































CATEGORY I – Vegetables and Fruit

You need to have grown it yourself to enter it!

         1.          PERPETUAL CHALLENGE CUP

Collection of home-grown vegetables/salad, four kinds but only one variety of each vegetable (quantities as given for classes 2-12,14-16, 18,19).Trays (60cmx50cm) available. 

         2.          Four potatoes (one colour)

         3.          Four pods of peas

         4.          Four onions, either red or white (not mixed)

         5.          Three beetroots; keep roots on

         6.          Three carrots

         7.          Four French beans

         8.          Four broad beans

         9.          Four runner beans

         10.        Three courgettes – one colour

         11.        Six shallots

         12.        One lettuce

         13.        Bowl of mixed lettuce leaves eg: cut & come again, salad leaves, rocket etc.

         14.        Two cucumbers – one variety

         15.        Five tomatoes, calyx on – one variety

         16.        A plate of 3 leaves of kale, chard or spinach. (1 variety, 2 or 3, your choice)

         17.        A vase of 4 different herbs (vase provided)

         18.        Any other vegetable not listed above, minimum 2

         19.        Any organically grown vegetable, not listed above

         20.        Three sticks of rhubarb (keep the bottom bit, but not the leaves)

         21.        Six strings of currants - one variety or mixed

         22.        Nine gooseberries

         23.        Nine raspberries

           24.        Nine any other soft fruit eg: strawberries or blueberries


                      And just for fun!

         25.        Pot (about 2 litres) of home made garden compost

         26.        Tastiest tomato – please provide two

The following two cups will also be awarded. 

HULBERT-POWELL CUP (Best Vegetable Exhibit) 

(2022 winner Nicky Cluny)


(2022 winner Tessa Crowe)








CATEGORY 2 – Flowers & Flower Arrangements

See How to Enter the Show and at the bottom of the Category for plant support ideas

         27.         PERPETUAL CHALLENGE CUP:  (2022 winner Sarah Ratcliffe)

                           One vase of mixed sweet peas, nine stems with own foliage

         28.         WOLSTENHOLME CUP: NOVICE ONLY (2022 winner Sarah Boorman)

                           Vase of mixed garden flowers with foliage. No more than nine stems.

         29.         One vase of any one variety of annuals (six stalks)

         30.         One vase, any variety of herbaceous perennials, (six stalks)

         31.          Herbaceous perennial flowers, in three vases, three distinct kinds, no more than five of each

         32.         One stem or head of herbaceous perennial or annual flower NOVICE ONLY

         33.         THE MARGARET WALSH-ATKINS ROSE BOWL(2022 winner Sarah Ratcliffe) 

                           One variety rose, three stems showing bud, half open and fully open stage in one vase

         34.         Vase of three sprays, rambler or climbing roses

         35.          Vase of three stems of Shrub, Old Garden or English (David Austin) roses

         36.         One rose to be judged on scent alone (OWN VASE)

         37.         Three stems of shrub in flower or berry – one variety or mixed

         38.         Collection of fuchsias, nine individual flowers mixed or same colour, in trays which are supplied

         39.         One perfect, but lonely, single-headed flower (OWN VASE)

         40.         Three alliums (flower or seed heads), one variety or mixed

         41.         Display of cacti and/or succulents

         42.         One single house plant in flower or foliage

         43.         PERPETUAL CHALLENGE CUP: 2022 winer Mary Pratt

                           'Celebrating Summer'

                           (arrangement approximately 18")

         44.         MONTEITH CUP2022 winner Jessica Wood

                           “Quirky Display” 

                            Flowers and foliage arranged in a quirky container

                            (arrangement approx. 18”). 

         45.         “Small is Beautiful” NOVICE ONLY

                           A petite arrangement in a small, glass bowl






CATEGORY 3 – Kitchen Wizardry

Please bring your delicious goodies on your own plates and covered with clingfilm


The following cup will also be awarded.


2022 Winner Andrew Ratcliffe


         46.         Jar of jam

           47.         Jar of jelly

         48.         Jar of marmalade

         49.         Jar of chutney

         50.         Jar of lemon curd

         51.         Vegetable based cake such as carrot, courgette or beetroot

         52.         Tea loaf (1kg/2.2lb tin) (recipe below)

         53         Three hens’ eggs, matching in size & colour

CATEGORY 4 – Arts & Crafts

The following cup will also be awarded.

ALLCHIN CUP (Best Craft Exhibit)

2022 winner Kate Burgess


         65.         Any stitched item including patchwork or quilting

         66.         A handmade greeting card 

         68.         Any knitted or crocheted item







Either email your photograph by 4pm on Friday 30 June for us to print ( or bring your own printed entry to the hall on the Saturday.

We’ll need your full contact details written on the entry form click the link to print out the form.

No computer - enhanced photos please.


The following cup will also be awarded.


2022 winner Shirley Holland


         57.        A photograph of something beginning with the letter I

         58.        "Summer Time and the living is easy" - your take on summer!
















Children 11 and under



Make sure we know the age of your child.

Please be aware children’s contact details will be retained for one year. 

Please read and complete the children’s entry form which requires your permission for them to enter and gives you the option to allow their name and photograph to be used in publicity by the Mayfield Horticultural Society or in the Village Newsletter.


If they are entering a photograph either email it to us by 4pm on Friday 30th June for us to print ( or bring their own printed entry to the hall on the Saturday. 


We’ll need the child’s full contact details written on the entry form.


The following cup will also be awarded. 


Best Children’s Entry

2022 Winner Mayfield Preschool


         59.         GEORGE DAY MEMORIAL BOWL:   

                2022 winner Arwen Huxtable

                          A tied posy of flowers.

                          Children aged 5-11 years, age to be taken into consideration.

         60.         Best picture – pre-school aged child

         61.         Best picture, age 4-7

         62.         A plate of vegetables grown by the child

         63.         A decorated wooden spoon

         64.         PERPETUAL CHALLENGE CUP:  2022 winner Brodie Wood

                          Miniature garden, in ANY container no bigger than 30cm.  

                          Age will be taken into consideration.

         91.         A Lego challenge – let your imagination loose (no kits)!

         92.         WILLIAM WICKEN CUP:  2022 winner Rex Wood

                          A vase of different wild grasses/flowers

                          Children aged 5-11 & age to be taken into consideration




"Summer Celebration Parade!"

To start the show.

Children, family groups, adults, pets all welcome!

Prizes for the children in fancy dress.

No entry form needed. Just be there by 2.30pm






How to Enter the Show

To enter an actual exhibit (Categories 1-6)​

If you can complete an entry form in advance and deliver it to either the MAYFACS office (London House), The Parish Council letterbox or The Post Office by 4 pm on Thursday 13th July that would be really helpful, although you can enter on the day as well. 

Click the links to print out your entry forms.


Paper plates will be provided for vegetables and fruit.

Vases will be provided for most flower categories, unless indicated. Only biodegradable oasis can be used (eg: Agra-Wool (Sideau) or Flora Oasis Bio-foam Brick) or other non-plastic support (eg chicken wire)

To enter the Virtual Show (Classes V1-V20) - Click here to go to Virtual Classes

Please e-mail your photographs to the Show Committee by 4pm on Friday 30th June, with your name (age if child) for any of the classes.

John Cluny

Shirley Holland

Sue Lancaster

Nicky Cluny

Sarah Ratcliffe

Return of
the Virtual

This wasn't meant to happen - unexpectations!!

Just one of the virtual show classes.  See Virtual Show schedule page for more details.

Wonky veg.jpeg
Hort Soc virtshow photo.jpeg
big courgette.jpeg

To see the Classes in the Virtual Show click here

Onion and Carrot tip:  cut off the green tops of onions o about 3cm and carrots about 7cm.  Think about having this veg the same size

Top Tip:  Uniformity more important than size.  

Keep the stalks on, but you don't need leaves to display your fruit.

Love to win best veg or fruit?  Try to select even sized exhibits, with no pesky slug or snail damage

Flower Arrangements

Only biodegradable oasis can be used (eg: Agra-Wool (Sideau) or Flora Oasis Bio-foam Brick) or other non-plastic support (eg chicken wire) Bring the arrangements already made to the hall.

The following cup will also be awarded.


(Best Flower Exhibit)

2022 winner Tessa Crowe

Jars about 12oz or over please and if you can provide your recipe for the cake, that would be great.


300ml of tea

(any tea can be used but Earl Grey works well)

100g sultanas

100g glace cherries

100g raisins

2 medium eggs

125g caster sugar

225g self-raising flour

Zest of 1 orange

Clear honey to glaze


Steep raisins & sultanas in the tea for 12 hours.

Add beaten eggs, sieved flour, cherries, sugar, orange zest & beat well.

Pour mixture into a lined 1kg/2.2lb loaf tin and bake for 1-1¼ hours at 1800C/Gas Mark 4 until a skewer comes out clean. (Adjust temperature for your own oven!) 

Turn out and brush the top with honey to glaze


Liability to the Public and/or exhibitors

The Society & its officers shall not be responsible to any persons whatsoever while in or upon the premises being used by the Society, or while entering or leaving the same, for any damage or loss however caused to the property or any such person or for any injury, fatal or otherwise to any person.   Exhibitors, the public and all stock and people are subject to the rules and regulations or orders of the Society.   Neither the society nor any of its officers shall be responsible for anything that may happen from any cause or circumstance whatsoever to exhibitors or any persons visiting or attending the show, or through or to any article exhibited at the show and it shall be considered a condition of entry or admission to the Halls that each person shall hold the Society blameless, and “that they shall indemnify the Society against any legal proceedings arising from any such case or circumstance.” E&OE

Your craft item has to have been made within the last 12 months

A Few More Important Bits

Only one entry per category per person.

Two people who share the same garden cannot enter the same

horticultural category.  This does not apply to children.

Children’s cups will be retained after the show for engraving, 

where applicable.   

Adult cups can be engraved at recipient’s own cost.

Please don’t remove your exhibits until after the cup presentation.

Why not think about joining the Horticultural Society?

The Society welcomes new members.  Click here for a membership form send or contact the Membership Secretary.

Non-members welcome at any talks (including those on Zoom) at a cost of £5.00 per head.  Come and enjoy some stimulating talks during the fallow garden season, trips and use of the Society's RHS card allowing 2 adults 50% off entry to all RHS gardens.

Membership is currently £5.00 per year (although are looking at an increase for 2024) and includes free entry to all talks plus other benefits including 10% discount from:

  • Rapkyns Nursery, Broad Oak

  • Heathfield Ironmongers (horticultural products)

  • Thorpe Garden Centre, Horam, Monday-Friday, excluding special offers and multibuys

Really proud of your veg plot, wildlife pile or something you grew really made you smile?  Then take a photo and enter the virtual show! Details are below.

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