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Saturday 15th July 2023

from 2.30 pm

Mayfield Scout & Guide Hall

Refreshments provided by

Friends of Mayfield Primary School

Organised by 

Mayfield Horticultural Society



Running alongside the main show we are delighted to reintroduce the virtual show. A digital showcase of the delights of the garden!


Every class open to everyone and ideally the photos have been taken in 2022 or this year. There are two categories: “Adults & Teens” and “Children 12 and under”. All classes are free to enter.

Please E-mail your photos to the Show Committee* by 4pm on Friday 30th June, with your name (age if child) for any of classes:

  • ‘Blooming marvellous’ (V1-V7)

  • ‘Around my Garden & Beyond (V8-V15)

  • ‘Too good to eat’ (V16-V17)

  • ‘Here’s one I made earlier’ (V18-V20)


(All the above will be judged on content, not presentation. No photo-wizardry please)

Rosettes awarded to winning entries. 



*E-mail your entries by 4pm on FRIDAY 30th JUNE with your name (age if child) to:


'Blooming Marvellous'

V1    Patio pot

V2.  Hanging basket

V3.  Roses

V4.  Tallest sunflower

V5.  Tallest weed

V6.  Wild flower patch

V7.  My flower border

Around my garden & beyond

V8.  What a whopper!

V9.  This made me smile

V10. This wasn't meant to happen - un-expectations!

V11.  My veg plot

V12. My wildlife pile

V13. Oops a disaster

V14. My jungle

V15. Wildlife (photo taken anywhere)

Too good to eat!

V16. Decorated cup cakes

V17. A decorated cake for a special occasion

'Here's one I made earlier'

V18. Any large craft item

V19. A LARGE (small Lego models can be made and brought to the show.            See class 65 in the Summer Show) model made from something              like Lego, K-Nex' Duplo or Meccano etc.

V20. My favourite pastime eg: Brio train set, model railway, Playmobil,              anything you enjoy playing with! Children and Adults!

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